Sunday, December 7, 2008

My trip to Connecticut plus new updates

Normally I would do a pod cast but I have been very sick for the last couple of days so I kind of lost my voice from all the coughing...Hopefully this will end soon. I just wanted to catch everyone up with all my happenings...haha yah my life is so very exciting. So we made the trip to Ct. to visit with my family for thanksgiving, the trip down was uneventful and our stay was lovely. Its always nice to catch up on all the gossip and stuff going on. We had a awesome thanksgiving dinner at my uncles house with Turkey and Ham with all the trimmings including two kinds of stuffing but I think the best part was that cold turkey sandwich around midnight...hehe I had been waiting for that one for months! We had a stunning discussion about what I do for a living with my grandmother and that was fun...haha my uncle wanted to know the addy to my site so he could go check it out but I draw the line at them knowing they don't need to actually see it! It was a really nice conversation and he told me I should be proud of myself (not sure if that was sarcasm) My grandmother was very funny though, she said she always knew big girls had a Big following! then they both chatted about her having a site, I suppose I should add that my family is a bit off in the But you have to love them! we ended up leaving early because my perv had to work on Sunday night, thank heavens we left Saturday after noon because the 4 hour drive turned into a almost 10 hour drive. Our friggin van decided that it had enough and it was going to blow off some steam (over heated) we must of stopped at every rest area between Ct and Maine never mind the odd stops off the highway right before the big tolls so we would get stuck on the high in traffic when the van decided to overheat and shut off! Now that was what I call a good time....NOT! But at least we made it home...there is so much more like the part that's going to cost me $500. or the fact that Christmas is just around the corner....but that's all depressing so we'll skip that

I just updated my website with over 100 pictures...the set was inspired by my favorite Granny nightie, I'm not sure about you but I have certain things that make me feel comfy and even though I'm not sure how sexy it actually looks but I know it makes me feel sexy, the silk sliding over my soft skin...hehe well I just home everyone enjoys my nightie as much as I do!

well I am off to take some cough mediation and hopefully I will be able to sleep!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kyla's a bit flirtatious

I never used to flirt but now its one of my favorite things to do! In my latest set some of the pictures look like I am looking right into your soul, kind of like your in the same room with me. I see even see all those naughty thoughts you've been having! I just uploaded over 100 new pictures to my members area for your enjoyment! If you haven't checked out my tour you should have a peek now.. there are tons of free sample for you to look at, just make sure you click on the thumbnails to see larger images!
I finally added a new podcast, yeah I know its been awhile but I hope to get back on schedule soon!
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Here are some sample pictures from this weeks update and last weeks too!

Kyla's a bit flirtatious

Kyla's got a new Toy!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Kyla's fills you in

haha nice title huh? well thats what I am doing filling you in on my Halloween and weekend happenings! Ranting about gas prices and of course places for web girls to promote! I think I like babbling way too much and sometimes I get a bit loud! I also talk about my latest update called naughty nurse...too bad I didn't have a patient to go along with the costume..hehe thats what I really wanted to do but my patient had to work so I had to change my idea * eye roll*
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Don't forget to check out these links.......

Monday, October 27, 2008

The casual Kyla

Saturdays update was all about being comfortable,who said sweats can't be sexy! lol Well it helps if you wear a sexy lace bra and panties this just gives you a nice look into my casual life,and how I dress on the weekends! So who wants to come lounge around with me?...If you list to my podcast you'll find more places to find me and stuff that happened over the weekend!
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Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend of

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I was suppose to add this podcast this morning, but I got to busy weather proofing my house. I was freezing my ass off! anyway I had an awesome weekend, didn't do much but I managed to relax quite a bit and even got to see a couple movies I have been wanting to see....if you happen to listen to my podcast you'll find out so much more! BTW here is a sample of the picture of Saturdays update.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Hots stuff-podcast too

Lots of rambling about my latest update and some new forum stuff..I hope everyone enjoys the podcasts because I really do like making them but maybe I should wait until I've had a couple cups of coffee! haha it sounds like I swallowed a frog!
click play to listen to me ramble on!LMAO

here is a sample of this Wednesdays site update!

links in the podcast make sure you stop by the forum

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Kyla's Ripe melons-plus new podcast

New updates added tonight to over 120 pictures...sorry guys I know I said in the last podcast that it would be more but they weren't to my liking, they came out really blurry so I had to get rid of them! here is a sample of today's update hope you like!
come squeeze my melons..hehe

you can also listen to my podcast...ranting and about what my plans are for the weekend and updates!
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Monday, October 6, 2008

wanna hear my voice? come check it out!

So I thought I would try something a bit different and do the whole podcast thing..hehe so if you'd like to hear what I have to say come check it out! I an a bit goofy since this is the first time talking instead of typing my thoughts out for my blog, I think it gives it a more personal touch..make sure you leave me some love either in on my blog or on the forum in the bbw blog feed section!
Hopefully this works...lmao

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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Stockings and Heels

Hot new pictures add to last Wednesday, started out in a pretty dress covered in flowers with black bra and panties underneath,and these beautiful stockings and a pair of basic black heels. Lots of leg shots in this set I just love the way my legs look in stockings you might not be able to see them in these shots but I am wear a very sexy pair of thigh highs that stay up beautifully ...lets just say in the end all I am wearing is the stockings and the black heels!

I love to get all dressed up just to take it all off again just for my members! Remeber I take requests so make sure you send me an email and I will see what I can come up with...MUAH!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Local Shops- Rant

I sat in the car watching people come and go today and realized that for every small woman there was 5 plus sized women, now I know in my area there are more plus size women then there are smaller but for some reason our local stores still don't carry many plus size clothing options! It really pisses me off that I have to drive three towns over just to buy a damn shirt that fits never mind a pair of jeans. what the hell are these companies thinking? I know there is a demand so why not just give it to us? Nothing pisses me off more then walking into a store looking for a just a simple t shirt and finding that they only got up to an xl well hell that won't even fit over my boobs, so juts because I am bigger I am only allowed to buy socks and maybe a pair of panties? No wonder I hate shopping so much. okay I am done complaining now.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Smoking HOT!

Two new videos just added to, I have a member thats been after me for a couple weeks now about smoking sets and videos so I figured it was about time I gave him what he was asking for!

I think I will also be adding another smoking set this week sometime it seems to be a popular request from members..haha or maybe its just an oral i could think of better things to stick in my mouth..not that I don't already have pictures of that already on my site! If you have anything you'd like to say just hit me up on and I will see what I can do for you!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

what fun a night away can bring

I had one of the best weekends I've had for awhile, I went to Canobie lake park its an amusement park with lots of walking fun rides and carnival games hehe thats my favorite the games I know most of them you can't win but I sure do love to try. Most are just random games of luck/chance but I still get a thrill from playing them and of course get the fruits of my labor,they end up walking around with all sorts of stuff things from animals to pillows with these big grins plastered on their faces! the very first ride we hit was the log flume, of course the ride that gets you wet the I was good and ducked so the only things that got really wet were my legs and of course my big but I had forgotten how much fun rides were. My kind of ride is the tilt a whirl, I love the dizzy feeling I think I went on it twice back to back, this was the perfect time to go there were really no lines I think the only ride you had to wait for was the mini race cars and that was about a half hour and well worth it! We all spent the night in a nice little hotel in Bedford Ma. and it had a huge heated pool, our room had a lovely view of the pool and small breakfast area. we spent about three hours in the know just long enough for my fingers to be pruned! lol

It was a nice size pool and the kids didn't want to get out, the next morning I was begging they wanted to go back in for another swim...but I opted for the continental breakfast instead to get ready for the two hour drive home with cranky Now I just need a mini vacation away from the kids..lmao

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Being new to the industry

Most ignorant people would like you to believe that the adult industry is too saturated and competitive. In other words they want you to believe that you will not be able to succeed in such a competitive environment. when I first started I was confronted with mean and nasty people,god forbid you ask a question, they always made you feel stupid or incompetent which is not the case at all! I just don't understand the competitiveness...why not just share the wealth, like if I have people coming to my site but yet I am not what they are looking for wouldn't you like me to send them your way? That seems to make sense to me instead of them just click off and searching the web again why not just send them in your direction. This industry is ALWAYS in demand,so why make it so difficult. I think the problem is people just don't work together. I work my ass off to find new ways to promote, not just my site but other girls sites as well because I know just how hard it really is to start out in this business and how frustrating it can be to be shut out by people just because your new. I don't clam to know it all, its a learning process, lol you learn something new everyday!

Well thats my rant for the day, if you are a webmaster/model looking for ways to promote just hit me up or visit these sites to trade traffic or pay for advertising

BBWmodelsforum- adult community,a place to hang out make friends, post updates, talk about your site,also has a top list,paid advertising

Lusciousbbws- TGP site,submit your gallery's,paid advertising

greatbbwsites- TGP site,submit your gallery's,paid advertising

kylastreats- my personal site,I trade banners,guest gallery's,text links

Monday, September 15, 2008

My New Hair Cut

So its been sometime since I've had my hair cut...I really hate having it done but I had so many split ends that it was just one big tangle! *eyeroll* anyway I called my good friend wicked to come over and just layer my hair for me..hehe well she took it upon herself to make it its not too bad I least I'm not balled!

so what do you all think? I was starting to think I need a new color also or maybe some highlights... its starting to grow on me at least its not in my face as much as it was before but you know its short when some you see everyday asks you when you got that tattoo on your back...lmao I got that like two years ago but my hair always covered it!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A special visitor

I was so excited, the lovely Kalicurves is in New Hampshire on vacation and she left me a message saying she was gonna come by for a visit! Only an hour and a half out of her way..anyway she stopped by Sunday after noon and we had a nice chat and of course coffee! I'm not sure if she has spread the word but as of now kali has taken her site offline and is no longer modeling, I hope she will change her mind! She is such an awesome,wonderful,special and super sexy lady and it would be a shame for her not to share her beauty with the world!
Maybe I am a little biase since she is the one that helped me out so much when I first started modeling... she still helps me out to this day as a matter of fact we have a new project that she is helping me with as soon as she gets a little free time..hehe top secret...just kidding you'll all fine out soon enough!*wink *wink
Anyway on to other things, Its been pretty busy around my house lately with school starting and my perv working all sorts of funky shifts I'm not sure if I should be awake or sleeping half the time..haha hopefully things will calm down a bit and we will get into some sort of routine so I can get my online schedule back on track...other things I've done lately....submitted pictures to bigbuttmag for a review of my website in their magazine hehe and I just submitted pictures to be in the December issue of SXL mag still waiting to hear about both....keep your fingers crossed!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Heels and Polka Dots

Hot new update: picture it me in spike heels with lil baby doll socks on you know the ones with the white ruffle and a pair of pink lace panties and a cute polka dot shirt that's just a little too small for me! Over 100 pictures in this set and as some of you already know that's my norm I almost always post at least 100 at a shot and I post everything even the ones I might not like but from my experience what I don't like is just what my members love! lol
I love to get all dressed up and then get all naked again..hehe
Come see me at

Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Projects

For those of you who know me, I am always doing something new and trying to find a new way to help everyone promote their websites especially bbw websites, so I have just purchased a new domain called Luscious bbw's and turned it into a TGP for all those plump juicy women out there to post HOT sexy gallerys so if you want to check it out go to there is also a Toplist at
If anyone wants to trade traffic just hit me up at and we'll see what we can do! BTW don't you just love this banner..hehe I do!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Forum News

Whole mess of new things going on at the forum...we have new profiles and now you can change to look to make it unique to you, there are members albums the list of things could just go on and on. Now comes the hard stuff getting more traffic to this quaint little forum!
so far we have some awesome girls posting Sultry from and Me Kyla from Oh and the lovely Naughty Nixx from and so many other models then we have the fans woohoo I love the fans like southernguy and kaobear just to name a few
so if you stumble upon this blog make sure you come check us out at

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Big Booty Set

all about my big booty! its really kind of funny i never thought I had a nice ass until I started my website and my big round white tush was a hit and now I show it off with kind of funny when you think about it. Well this set is in honor of all those who love my tush and you can see it from ever angle possible in this set..bottom top side hehe and of course I love my blue panties you had to see how wet they were by the time I was done shooting these sexy pictures...I get such a thrill from all you wonderful men droolong over my ass! hehe I've been naughty...come spank me!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

who wants to pet my kitty

Now this is what I call Hot hehe just enough of a tease to make you come look, come on you know you wanna... I was taking pictures for my wonderful members and just the thought of them looking at me made me all hot and tingly in all the right i had to take matters into my own hands while day dreaming it was someone else doing all the touching!
as you can see I am really into who wants to help me out? come check out all the naughtiness at

Friday, August 22, 2008

Brillant idea...NOT

Well some of you might know I have been admin to a really Hot bbw community, finally I had it transferred to my name so I have sole control. this meant we had to transfer servers and the domain name to my account...Now mind you I couldn't do the database back up because it was still under someone else's name she he did it...supposedly we did the transfer to find out that we couldn't import the data base... this should of been an easy move..haha that's the story of my life..nothing is every easy!
Anyway things are finally back to normal but all the members we had now have to register again. I spent 3 days had adding members but the new database wouldn't except I had to delete them again and put up a notice for everyone to register again! Talk about frustrating!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

a little about how I got started

Lets start from the beginning...I went from this quiet shy person to Oh what would you call it...not so much outgoing because its all on line..anyway I started a company...and yes its adult related,But its a whole lot of fun and I make pretty good money doing it. I would have to say the only down side is all the drama that happens yeah I know your thinking how much drama could there be in porn right? Well there is a took my shoot idea,your web design,your advertising space and so on....OMG sometimes it worse then High school! Now I have only been in the industry for two years but let me tell you there is a whole lot of crap out there and people who try to rip you off left and right. I guess maybe I am so surprised because I really didn't know too much when I first started, but I still learn something new everyday. Ok lets see if I can explain why I even started doing this to begin with...See I met this man...the man of my dreams I guess you could say, and of course I met him on line a couple years back well he kept telling me how beautiful I was/am and me being who I am thought he was just we joined our first adult forum..Oh yeah he is a big perv...and we posted some erotic pictures of myself (being a big girl that was really hard) now mind you at this point in our relationship we still hadn't even had sex with the lights on,but yet we were posting naughty pictures! the response was awesome and it really boosted my self confidence. we did this for months, by then I was hooked...I was then approached by a web master of a BBW (Big Beautiful women) adult website and she asked me if I wanted to start my very own website...well we know how that turned out, now I have my own site and run it on my own plus I have a couple other sites too including an adult forum which features some of the hottest bbw webgirl on the net! Now managing my home life and my on line life is very difficult to keep up with but in the end its so worth it to me...I don't think I would change anything....being the girl next door, the mother too my children, the pervert in bed with my fiance, and a webgirl/webmaster. I get to live a whole other life on line...Its friggin cool.... Here are some pictures that I used to post on a certain adult forum..before I started doing my website all the images have been done by a friend of mine.