Sunday, December 7, 2008

My trip to Connecticut plus new updates

Normally I would do a pod cast but I have been very sick for the last couple of days so I kind of lost my voice from all the coughing...Hopefully this will end soon. I just wanted to catch everyone up with all my happenings...haha yah my life is so very exciting. So we made the trip to Ct. to visit with my family for thanksgiving, the trip down was uneventful and our stay was lovely. Its always nice to catch up on all the gossip and stuff going on. We had a awesome thanksgiving dinner at my uncles house with Turkey and Ham with all the trimmings including two kinds of stuffing but I think the best part was that cold turkey sandwich around midnight...hehe I had been waiting for that one for months! We had a stunning discussion about what I do for a living with my grandmother and that was fun...haha my uncle wanted to know the addy to my site so he could go check it out but I draw the line at them knowing they don't need to actually see it! It was a really nice conversation and he told me I should be proud of myself (not sure if that was sarcasm) My grandmother was very funny though, she said she always knew big girls had a Big following! then they both chatted about her having a site, I suppose I should add that my family is a bit off in the But you have to love them! we ended up leaving early because my perv had to work on Sunday night, thank heavens we left Saturday after noon because the 4 hour drive turned into a almost 10 hour drive. Our friggin van decided that it had enough and it was going to blow off some steam (over heated) we must of stopped at every rest area between Ct and Maine never mind the odd stops off the highway right before the big tolls so we would get stuck on the high in traffic when the van decided to overheat and shut off! Now that was what I call a good time....NOT! But at least we made it home...there is so much more like the part that's going to cost me $500. or the fact that Christmas is just around the corner....but that's all depressing so we'll skip that

I just updated my website with over 100 pictures...the set was inspired by my favorite Granny nightie, I'm not sure about you but I have certain things that make me feel comfy and even though I'm not sure how sexy it actually looks but I know it makes me feel sexy, the silk sliding over my soft skin...hehe well I just home everyone enjoys my nightie as much as I do!

well I am off to take some cough mediation and hopefully I will be able to sleep!