Thursday, April 2, 2009

Big Changes-

Big changes, I decided to change the forum over to the new domain and in the process put in a new design, one that's a bit more professional and compliments all the lovely ladies that will (hopefully) posting there! I even managed to forward the old domain to point too the new one! see I'm getting the hang of things LOL.
Now the process has been rough and I made a couple errors and the script had a few errors as well *insert eyerolls* I deleted everything twice and killed two new data bases too then came the big mistake I went to delete the new data base and clicked the wrong one and killed the old one....I was so upset because I ha no itention of doing that until the new forum was up and ready with all the thrills and I tried mybest to get everything ready and implamented the forward to the new domain with my fingers took a few hours but then it worked!
So far so good...hopefully more of the girls will figure out that it was an accident and won't be too upset and re register to the new forum...btw the new forum is catchy name huh... I think it suites our needs much better!

Now on to my latest update.....Of course my big booty is the prime view here but I promise its NOT all about the booty..there are boobs plus so much more in this set!
so stop by

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