Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Being new to the industry

Most ignorant people would like you to believe that the adult industry is too saturated and competitive. In other words they want you to believe that you will not be able to succeed in such a competitive environment. when I first started I was confronted with mean and nasty people,god forbid you ask a question, they always made you feel stupid or incompetent which is not the case at all! I just don't understand the competitiveness...why not just share the wealth, like if I have people coming to my site but yet I am not what they are looking for wouldn't you like me to send them your way? That seems to make sense to me instead of them just click off and searching the web again why not just send them in your direction. This industry is ALWAYS in demand,so why make it so difficult. I think the problem is people just don't work together. I work my ass off to find new ways to promote, not just my site but other girls sites as well because I know just how hard it really is to start out in this business and how frustrating it can be to be shut out by people just because your new. I don't clam to know it all, its a learning process, lol you learn something new everyday!

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