Tuesday, September 23, 2008

what fun a night away can bring

I had one of the best weekends I've had for awhile, I went to Canobie lake park its an amusement park with lots of walking fun rides and carnival games hehe thats my favorite the games I know most of them you can't win but I sure do love to try. Most are just random games of luck/chance but I still get a thrill from playing them and of course get the fruits of my labor,they end up walking around with all sorts of stuff things from animals to pillows with these big grins plastered on their faces! the very first ride we hit was the log flume, of course the ride that gets you wet the fastest...lol I was good and ducked so the only things that got really wet were my legs and of course my big ass..lol but I had forgotten how much fun rides were. My kind of ride is the tilt a whirl, I love the dizzy feeling I think I went on it twice back to back, this was the perfect time to go there were really no lines I think the only ride you had to wait for was the mini race cars and that was about a half hour and well worth it! We all spent the night in a nice little hotel in Bedford Ma. and it had a huge heated pool, our room had a lovely view of the pool and small breakfast area. we spent about three hours in the pool....you know just long enough for my fingers to be pruned! lol

It was a nice size pool and the kids didn't want to get out, the next morning I was begging they wanted to go back in for another swim...but I opted for the continental breakfast instead to get ready for the two hour drive home with cranky children..lol Now I just need a mini vacation away from the kids..lmao

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