Tuesday, August 5, 2008

a little about how I got started

Lets start from the beginning...I went from this quiet shy person to Oh what would you call it...not so much outgoing because its all on line..anyway I started a company...and yes its adult related,But its a whole lot of fun and I make pretty good money doing it. I would have to say the only down side is all the drama that happens yeah I know your thinking how much drama could there be in porn right? Well there is a ton...you took my shoot idea,your web design,your advertising space and so on....OMG sometimes it worse then High school! Now I have only been in the industry for two years but let me tell you there is a whole lot of crap out there and people who try to rip you off left and right. I guess maybe I am so surprised because I really didn't know too much when I first started, but I still learn something new everyday. Ok lets see if I can explain why I even started doing this to begin with...See I met this man...the man of my dreams I guess you could say, and of course I met him on line a couple years back well he kept telling me how beautiful I was/am and me being who I am thought he was just insane...so we joined our first adult forum..Oh yeah he is a big perv...and we posted some erotic pictures of myself (being a big girl that was really hard) now mind you at this point in our relationship we still hadn't even had sex with the lights on,but yet we were posting naughty pictures! the response was awesome and it really boosted my self confidence. we did this for months, by then I was hooked...I was then approached by a web master of a BBW (Big Beautiful women) adult website and she asked me if I wanted to start my very own website...well we know how that turned out, now I have my own site and run it on my own plus I have a couple other sites too including an adult forum which features some of the hottest bbw webgirl on the net! Now managing my home life and my on line life is very difficult to keep up with but in the end its so worth it to me...I don't think I would change anything....being the girl next door, the mother too my children, the pervert in bed with my fiance, and a webgirl/webmaster. I get to live a whole other life on line...Its friggin cool.... Here are some pictures that I used to post on a certain adult forum..before I started doing my website all the images have been done by a friend of mine.

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