Friday, October 3, 2008

Local Shops- Rant

I sat in the car watching people come and go today and realized that for every small woman there was 5 plus sized women, now I know in my area there are more plus size women then there are smaller but for some reason our local stores still don't carry many plus size clothing options! It really pisses me off that I have to drive three towns over just to buy a damn shirt that fits never mind a pair of jeans. what the hell are these companies thinking? I know there is a demand so why not just give it to us? Nothing pisses me off more then walking into a store looking for a just a simple t shirt and finding that they only got up to an xl well hell that won't even fit over my boobs, so juts because I am bigger I am only allowed to buy socks and maybe a pair of panties? No wonder I hate shopping so much. okay I am done complaining now.

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