Monday, September 15, 2008

My New Hair Cut

So its been sometime since I've had my hair cut...I really hate having it done but I had so many split ends that it was just one big tangle! *eyeroll* anyway I called my good friend wicked to come over and just layer my hair for me..hehe well she took it upon herself to make it its not too bad I least I'm not balled!

so what do you all think? I was starting to think I need a new color also or maybe some highlights... its starting to grow on me at least its not in my face as much as it was before but you know its short when some you see everyday asks you when you got that tattoo on your back...lmao I got that like two years ago but my hair always covered it!


Scarlette said...

I like the shorter look! I think highlights would spruce it up and some lowlights even. YES I ama hair junkie! lol

kyla said...

LOL I have never been into the hair and makeup thing but I think i need something maybe some highlights will be a good thing!