Sunday, September 14, 2008

A special visitor

I was so excited, the lovely Kalicurves is in New Hampshire on vacation and she left me a message saying she was gonna come by for a visit! Only an hour and a half out of her way..anyway she stopped by Sunday after noon and we had a nice chat and of course coffee! I'm not sure if she has spread the word but as of now kali has taken her site offline and is no longer modeling, I hope she will change her mind! She is such an awesome,wonderful,special and super sexy lady and it would be a shame for her not to share her beauty with the world!
Maybe I am a little biase since she is the one that helped me out so much when I first started modeling... she still helps me out to this day as a matter of fact we have a new project that she is helping me with as soon as she gets a little free time..hehe top secret...just kidding you'll all fine out soon enough!*wink *wink
Anyway on to other things, Its been pretty busy around my house lately with school starting and my perv working all sorts of funky shifts I'm not sure if I should be awake or sleeping half the time..haha hopefully things will calm down a bit and we will get into some sort of routine so I can get my online schedule back on track...other things I've done lately....submitted pictures to bigbuttmag for a review of my website in their magazine hehe and I just submitted pictures to be in the December issue of SXL mag still waiting to hear about both....keep your fingers crossed!

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