Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kyla's a bit flirtatious

I never used to flirt but now its one of my favorite things to do! In my latest set some of the pictures look like I am looking right into your soul, kind of like your in the same room with me. I see even see all those naughty thoughts you've been having! I just uploaded over 100 new pictures to my members area for your enjoyment! If you haven't checked out my tour you should have a peek now.. there are tons of free sample for you to look at, just make sure you click on the thumbnails to see larger images!
I finally added a new podcast, yeah I know its been awhile but I hope to get back on schedule soon!
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Here are some sample pictures from this weeks update and last weeks too!

Kyla's a bit flirtatious

Kyla's got a new Toy!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Kyla's fills you in

haha nice title huh? well thats what I am doing filling you in on my Halloween and weekend happenings! Ranting about gas prices and of course places for web girls to promote! I think I like babbling way too much and sometimes I get a bit loud! I also talk about my latest update called naughty nurse...too bad I didn't have a patient to go along with the costume..hehe thats what I really wanted to do but my patient had to work so I had to change my idea * eye roll*
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