Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Big White Booty!

White lace panties and a hoody sweater that's cut almost to the belly button...this sweater can't hold my boobs they are popping out all over the place! Over 100 big booty pictures are waiting for you at!

there has been some talk lately about the forum,some people are confused by the name and just what type of forum its suppose to be. I wanted to make it a place for the models and their fans could come together and enjoy each other but i have a feeling the title of the forum is what was confusing people.
I have to admit it wasn't my choice of names either but as most of you know I bought the forum off of someone else because he decided he didn't want it anymore but I really thought it would be worth the effort. So I took over the domain and the hosting...then the confusion so I have been thinking of just moving the forum to another domain that I've had for about a year now and I think it would suite the forum much better then bbwmodelsforum. the problem....I want to start from scratch again this way we can take care of the little things that weren't working, like the email notifacation...I will have to think about this...

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